Friday, October 21, 2011

Fan Art Friday: "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Greetings, fan fic fans, and welcome to our new weekly feature!  Who says that fan fiction has to be limited to a single medium?  Not us!  Fan art is just another way for fans to take ownership of their favorite characters.  Every Friday, we will look at some unique artistic interpretations of a different tv show, movie, book, video game, or comic.

With Halloween fast approaching, what better way to start than with Freddy Kreuger of A Nightmare on Elm Street?  (Click for larger versions)
By 12emmz12, who did it while bored in computer class.
Freddy and Jason vs. Ash, by Cubivore10.
By Bryan Baugh, who specializes in the genre.
By award-winning cartoonist Jorge Gutierrez.
Freddy vs. Hellboy by Nathan Thomas Milliner.
By Andreas Silva.

And if you are hungry for more Nightmare on Elm Street fan art, check out 44 Amazing Works of Art Inspired by Freddy Krueger or this extensive library of Nightmare on Elm Street Fan Art!

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