Friday, October 21, 2011

Fan Art Friday: "A Nightmare on Elm Street"

Greetings, fan fic fans, and welcome to our new weekly feature!  Who says that fan fiction has to be limited to a single medium?  Not us!  Fan art is just another way for fans to take ownership of their favorite characters.  Every Friday, we will look at some unique artistic interpretations of a different tv show, movie, book, video game, or comic.

With Halloween fast approaching, what better way to start than with Freddy Kreuger of A Nightmare on Elm Street?  (Click for larger versions)
By 12emmz12, who did it while bored in computer class.
Freddy and Jason vs. Ash, by Cubivore10.
By Bryan Baugh, who specializes in the genre.
By award-winning cartoonist Jorge Gutierrez.
Freddy vs. Hellboy by Nathan Thomas Milliner.
By Andreas Silva.

And if you are hungry for more Nightmare on Elm Street fan art, check out 44 Amazing Works of Art Inspired by Freddy Krueger or this extensive library of Nightmare on Elm Street Fan Art!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What About Midge?

Those who are familiar with the Barbie universe know that her best friend Midge is supposed to be the sensible, domesticated one.  In fact, she was created in the early 60's to balance out Barbie's image as a carefree, jet-setting sex object.  She and her boyfriend, Allan Sherwood, eventually married and had children.  The only controversy Midge was ever involved in was in the early 2000's, when Wal-Mart refused to sell the "pregnant" Midge with a removable magnetic belly and no wedding ring.  Eventually, however, the hooplah died down and Midge settled down with Allan and their three beautiful children.

But, dear readers, what if Midge hadn't taken such a wholesome path through life?  What if, as MNFF producer and grand dame Missy Moser suggests, she was a scheming, hate-filled, sex-crazed harpy?  And also, what if she was in a bizarre relationship with Ken's evil twin?  And furthermore, what if she embarked on an evil plot to kill Barbie?  All of these previously unasked questions (and more) are answered in Ms. Moser's short play, "What About Midge?", which features this monologue, in which Good Ken fights off his desire for Barbie's ginger-haired bestie.
"Please, let’s keep this professional. I know how alluring I must be to you, being the President, and so robust and masculine, smelling of Old Spice. But I’m a one woman man. You must stay away from me, even though every part of my body is aching to take your long ginger hair, wrap it around my neck, and auto-erotically asphyxiate myself. What have you done to me? You feel so wrong, but so right."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Harry Potter and the Glossary of Fan Fic

Most fan fic veterans will tell you that what we now know as modern fan fiction began with Star Trek. The show, its characters, and its mythology created a passionate and detail-oriented fanbase who weren't satisfied with the television episodes, movies, and novels that the franchise spawned. They also, for some reason, really wanted to imagine Kirk and Spock making passionate love to one another.

Since then, the world of fan fiction has spread and diversified beyond the wildest imaginations of the lonely nerds who first uploaded their Enterprise-based erotica onto the newsgroups so many years ago.  And until recently, no one faction has been as passionate about their work as the Star Trek crowd.  Then along came a certain boy wizard named Harry Potter. 

Since the introduction of the Boy Who Lived onto the pop culture scene, Harry Potter fan fiction has become a legitimate phenomenon, at least among the fan fic community ( lists over 500,000 Harry Potter stories, compared to about 10,000 total based on the various Star Trek series).  Writers all over the world have concocted seemingly every possible scenario for the students and faculty of Hogwarts, and it is, of course, the inspiration for the epic 44-chapter My Immortal.

Recently, the Philipine Daily Enquirer (really?) published a helpful glossary of terms regularly used in Harry Potter fan fiction, and many of these terms and abbreviations can be found throughout the fan fic world.  Check it out - maybe you'll learn a new concept that you can incorporate into your next masterpiece.