Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Harry Potter and the Glossary of Fan Fic

Most fan fic veterans will tell you that what we now know as modern fan fiction began with Star Trek. The show, its characters, and its mythology created a passionate and detail-oriented fanbase who weren't satisfied with the television episodes, movies, and novels that the franchise spawned. They also, for some reason, really wanted to imagine Kirk and Spock making passionate love to one another.

Since then, the world of fan fiction has spread and diversified beyond the wildest imaginations of the lonely nerds who first uploaded their Enterprise-based erotica onto the newsgroups so many years ago.  And until recently, no one faction has been as passionate about their work as the Star Trek crowd.  Then along came a certain boy wizard named Harry Potter. 

Since the introduction of the Boy Who Lived onto the pop culture scene, Harry Potter fan fiction has become a legitimate phenomenon, at least among the fan fic community (Fanfiction.net lists over 500,000 Harry Potter stories, compared to about 10,000 total based on the various Star Trek series).  Writers all over the world have concocted seemingly every possible scenario for the students and faculty of Hogwarts, and it is, of course, the inspiration for the epic 44-chapter My Immortal.

Recently, the Philipine Daily Enquirer (really?) published a helpful glossary of terms regularly used in Harry Potter fan fiction, and many of these terms and abbreviations can be found throughout the fan fic world.  Check it out - maybe you'll learn a new concept that you can incorporate into your next masterpiece.

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